Village Care Groups.

Village Care Groups have become an important part of daily life at the Faith Campus.

Each student is welcomed into one of 20 Care Groups. Each Village is a community of students from Years 8 to 12.

Care Group teachers and students continue their journey at Faith together, with older year levels often providing leadership and mentoring for their younger peers. An example of this is the Peer Support Program where Year 11 students from each Village guide and support Year 8 students and help them to settle into College life.

In each Village, students develop a sense of belonging and being part of the Faith community.

Each Care Group is named after a ‘village’ locality in the Barossa Valley. They are:

Bethany (First Barossa settlement)
Ebenezer (“God has helped us settle here”)
Gnadenberg (“Hill of Grace”)
Gnadenfrei (“Free by Grace”)
Gruenberg (“Green Hill”)
Hoffnungsthal (“Valley of Hope”)
Jacob’s Creek 
Krondorf (“Crown Village”)
Langmeil (“The Long Mile”)
Light Pass
Neukirch (“New Church”)
North Rhine 
St Kitts 
Vine Vale 

Our Vision

To develop creative, responsible, inspired individuals prepared for the challenges and rewards of their world.