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Ebony  Ebony O'Dea Footy

Year 12 student Ebony O’Dea has a very exciting opportunity rapidly approaching as she sets off to San Sebastian in Spain to complete in the Unicycling World Championships – ‘UniCon’. Unicon is focused on unicycling as an extreme sport, with a similar format to the X-games.

Ebony will be competing in 7 different events (Street, Slopestyle, Flatland, Trials, High Jump, Long Jump and Platform High Jump), and hopes to place in the top 3 for Street and Slopestyle and in the top 5 for the other events.

Her ultimate goal is to place 1st in Street, but there will be some very tough competition against the current 2 time world champion, Sam La Hood, from New Zealand, who has Ebony has competed against before at the Aus/NZ championships. There will also be several European riders to content with.

The ‘Street’ event requires competitors to use a skate park to perform tricks using obstacles, for instance: grinding down a hand rail, doing a 360 down a stair set or spin/flip combination tricks off of ledges.

Ebony has been looking forward to this event for some time and has valued the assistance and support of those around her, stating that… “I have been wanting to go to UniCon for about 4 years now, and I’m chuffed to finally have a crack at it thanks to my parents and my sponsors (Unicycle.TV and Hippo Unicycles). Ex Faith students Brandon and Tirryn Nankivell have also been a massive help teaching me lots of things to help me get to the level I’m at now.”

The multi-talented Ebony has also been excelling in the sport of Women’s Football. After being named Best on Ground 3 times in 6 matches for Adelaide University’s Div 2 SAWFL team, she has been given the opportunity to play for the Div 1 team. A great achievement!

UniCon will take place between 27th July and 11th August in Spain. We wish Ebony all the best and can’t wait to hear how it all went when she returns.

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