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Bianca Puliatti and Kaylie Ratsch – Equestrian Vaulting Championships

Faith students Bianca Puliatti (Year 10) and Kaylie Ratsch (Year 8) recently competed in the State Equestrian Vaulting Championships. This was held on October 17th & 18th at the Mallala Equestrian Centre.


Bianca and Kaylie competed in the following events:

–          Pre Novice Individual – Compulsory and Freestyle

–          Horse Pas De Deux (B)

–          Barrel Pas De Deux (B)


The Barrel Pas De Deux and the Pre Novice Individual events require competitors to complete a one minute routine on the horse while it canters.


Bianca and Kaylie placed 1st in the Horse Pas De Deux.

Bianca placed 3rd in the Pre Novice Individual and 3rd in the Barrel Pas De Deux.


The girl’s involvement in the sport continues to grow, with Bianca competing in the 2016 April Nationals, to be held in South Australia. At this competition she will be competing in;


-Pas De Deux (horse)

-Pas De Deux (barrel)

-Team (Barrel)


Some background on Equestrian Vaulting:

The Pas De Deux is a class where pairs compete on the horse.

Competitors create a 2 minute long routine to whatever music and theme they would like.

This event can be competed on the horse or the barrel.


Compulsories and Freestyle:

The Compulsories are a series of activities for every vaulter to complete before their Freestyle.

It is a variety of movements on the horse which can range from basic seat, to kneeling and in the advance classes standing.


Freestyles is a one minute routine that competitors create on their own, using music of their choice. It can be as advanced or basic as the competitor would like.


A Team event involves 6 people competing with a routine to music or theme of their choice. This can be completed on the horse or barrel.



We wish both students all the best as they continue to compete in this demanding sport. It is another outstanding example of the talented students that we have here at Faith.


Mr Ashley Clarke

PE & Sport Coordinator

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