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The annual Faith Athletics Day was held on Friday 11th March. This was the culmination of athletic events that had been held across the week.

The Championship events were held during the morning, with some outstanding performances recorded. It was very pleasing to see the large number of students competing in each event, with many students nominating themselves for 4 or 5 events.


Under 14 Boys

1. Henry Kleinig GFR 22 pts

Under 14 Girls
1. Katelyn Young SGF 25 pts

Under 15 Boys
1. Lachlan Westlake GFR 22 pts

Under 15 Girls

1. Elise Heinrich GDB 20 pts

Under 16 Boys

1. Aaron Nietschke EBR 19 pts

Under 16 Girls

1. Karen Kalleske GRB 20 pts

Under 21 Boys

1. Cooper Dunn EBR 20 pts

Under 21 Girls

1. Claudia Jenkins GOM 25 pts

At the conclusion of the individual events Village Care Groups were involved in a number of Novelty events: The Sack race, the 3 Legged race, the Wheelbarrow race, the Balance race, the Tug-of-War and finally the 8x50m relay events. All events were contested in a positive manner and the enthusiasm and spirit displayed by all students was outstanding.


Group 1
1st – Gnadenberg
2nd – Stockwell
3rd Krondorf
4th – St Kitts

Group 2
1st – Light Pass
2nd – Gruenberg
3rd – Hoffnungsthal
4th – Jacob’s Creek

Group 3
1st – Ebenezer
2nd – Neukirch
3rd – Resenthal
4th – Bethany

Group 4
1st – Gomersal
2nd – Lagnmeil
3rd – North Rhine
4th – Gnadenfrei

Group 5
1st – VIne Vale
2nd – Greenock
3rd – Siegersdorf
4th – Penrice

A very big congratulations to all students for the manner in which they competed and the positive atmosphere that was evident across the day.

Thank you to all the Parents and Caregivers that attended on the day. It is great to see you supporting this college community event.

On Thursday the 14th April the Faith Athletics Team will travel to the Mile End Athletics Stadium to compete in the SSSSA Track and Field Championship. After a successful event last year Faith has maintained a place in the A2 Grade, which is a great achievement. Congratulations to all students that have been successful in making this team. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to be involved in such an exciting event. Good luck!

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