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During Term 2 a number of our Geography classes have been involved in different forms of fieldwork activity.

Year 8 students have all made visits our local river, the North Para, to examine the impact that land use has on the health of the river. Students collected field information to assist with their investigations, including drawing their own maps. We also examined the life along the river which included lots of birds, butterflies, other insects, yabbies, carp and other fish, and a couple of interesting macro invertebrates!

Year 10 students made the annual Geography pilgrimage to the Adelaide coast line to see for themselves the action that is being taken to protect our metropolitan coast. They examined natural features impacted on by longshore drift and human built structures that prevent the loss of our beaches and sand dunes.

Year 12 students visited Yookamurra Sanctuary to expand their understanding of the ecosystem concepts and examine different fieldwork techniques used in conservation. They conducted their own fieldwork to discover how fire has impacted on the Mallee trees (some of which are over 400 years old!) and used scat collection techniques (yes they collected animal poo!) to determine species present in an area of the park.

Fieldwork is a great way of inquiring into the world outside the classroom and putting concepts learnt in class into real life experiences.

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