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Now that school is in full swing, we are able to welcome back Exchange students who have returned from stints overseas and prepare to welcome new Exchangees for 2016.

Ryan, Ethan and Joel have all returned from spending Term 4 on exchange at our sister school LUHI on Long Island New York. Kane and Megan have also returned from stays at our sister schools in Germany, Charlotte Paulsen Gymnasium Hamburg and Laurentius Gymnasium Neuendettelsau respectively.

Reports on the experiences of our recent Exchange students:

Ryan – Long Island Lutheran High School: My stay on Long Island was full of positive impressions, seeing sights and experiencing culture. I was lucky to be able to stay with a family that made sure I experienced as much as possible in the little time I was staying with them. Experiences included a boat ride around Manhattan Island and going into the city to see sights like Times Square, the Empire State Building, the 911 Museum and apple picking in upstate New York. I was even lucky enough to spend a weekend in Washington DC, seeing all the monuments and doing the White House tour. But even the time at school was a great experience, the people I got to know and the cultural differences I experienced were very valuable.

Megan – CPG Hamburg: My exchange was just utterly amazing! It was so beautiful and I can’t wait to go back. Both of the schools I visited were so much fun, and all the people were so nice. I definitely recommend going on an exchange. The experiences I shared with my new friends were unforgettable! Experiencing a new culture was an eye opener!

Kane – Laurentius Gymnasium Neuendettelsau: When I was on exchange in Germany, I found it quite easy to adjust to the different lifestyle as I had been in Germany before two years ago. I found my family to be friendly and I will definitely go back to Germany again, as I love the culture, history and food from the country.

Ethan – LUHI: Our stay on Long Island was a very positive experience and gave us all a new outlook on life. I was lucky enough to stay with a family that welcomed me and made me feel at home instantly. The school aspect was really good because we got to learn about America’s history for one of our subjects and we also got tough things that will help us be ahead in our own studies back at home. The students were really welcoming. The highlights of my experience were seeing attractions like the Liberty Statue, Times Square and the Grand Canyon. Another highlight was being able to play for the LUHI football team. This opened my eyes to a new sport for me and has made me want to play Gridiron in Australia.

Joel – LUHI: My main impression of the New York school Exchange trip, was that the culture there was quite different from ours in Australia, which was strange for me as many say that the two countries are similar, and in some ways they are, but for the most part the US is unique, just as we are. It was strange when I first arrived, because of the prospect of settling into a new house with a new family. Although it would have been a lot more difficult for the LUHI exchange students coming over here last year (as they hadn’t seen us before), it was still a difficult thing to transition into. The school life was quite different, as there weren’t any home groups and you simply went straight into the lessons for the day. The experience overall was very valuable and has changed my mindset and my life.

Ev Leske, Exchanges Coordinator

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