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We started the night with a toast and then kicked off with two impromptu speeches which were quite scary for me. I completed the first one well with a question of: ‘Is country youth more disadvantaged from city youth.’

The second impromptu question was a lot harder as it was about the 3000 steelwork jobs being lost in Whyalla and how the impact of these job cuts could have been minimised. I completely froze as I had no idea what to say for the topic and I stood there silently for 2 minutes! Matthew Kazla and Samuel Doering answered both impromptu questions well.

We had dinner and dessert and met a range of different people. We also got some advice about impromptu speeches in the future from one of the judges.

Then we each had our 5 minute pre-prepared speeches. Matthew went first and spoke really well and clearly, despite the fact that he had woken up with no voice and could not speak much earlier in the day. I spoke well but a tad too fast, moved around a lot and could not stand still. It was scary at first but around midway through the speech it became easier. Samuel went third and he spoke really well too. He did not rush and it was quite an interesting topic that he spoke about. In these speeches you could hear the passion that we all had for our topics.
The judges eventually came back from discussing the scores and gave us a few pointers about public speaking. We all first received a certificate of appreciation. Samuel won the public speaking award and Matthew won the overall award for the night.

The night as a whole was amazing and it was definitely a highlight for me to see two very talented friends perform their best. I was very happy to be there and learn new things about public speaking and how to handle an impromptu speech.

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