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Since early Term 1, an enthusiastic group of students have given up numerous lunch-times to prepare 3 different teams of animals for the Royal Adelaide Show.

Tracy Bonython provided 8 Boer wethers which were fed on a goat ration donated by Laucke Mills at Daveyston. Growth rates were excellent and much effort was made training them to lead on the halter. Mrs Doecke stepped in to manage the project in Term 3 while Mrs Bonython was on maternity leave and did an excellent job of overseeing the goat team. While our only success with the goats was a 6th ribbon, Faith was awarded 3rd best for the grand Parade, 2nd Best Presented Show Team and Year 11 student Grace Pinchbeck won second place in the Handlers Awards from 150 students.

Marianne Nelson managed the Merino wether teams where we exhibited 2 pens of 3 wethers. Our barley and Lupin ration which is milled up at Faith must be working as we were awarded with the prize for Best Growth Rate since February when the wethers were shorn and weighed by a representative from the Merino Breeders Society. Student success was amazing by the students involved with the sheep programme.

South Australian Merino Fleece Judging Championship
Johnathon Schutz – Second Prize
Junior Section of the Fleece Judging
Jed Habermann – First Prize
Ruby Schultz – Second prize
Sarah Morris – Third Prize
Brooke Friebel – Landmark Award
South Australian Merino Sheep Judging Championship
Luke Sander – Second Prize
Junior Section of the Merino Sheep Judging
Adam Schulz – First Prize

The team of 5 steers was reduced to 4 with one steer not meeting our behavioural requirements for representing Faith in public. A dedicated group of 16 students worked diligently to prepare animals weighing up to 670 Kg for the Led Steer Competition. Apart from training much time was spent training the animals for washing, clipping and grooming. In the show ring the Limousin steer , donated by Sandra Keatley was awarded a 1st ribbon from a field of 12 steers. The Angus steer , donated by John and Caroline Hassing of Eden Valley was also successful taking out a first ribbon from eleven animals. The Santa Gertrudis which was the 30th steer donated by Doering Brothers from Dutton, gained a creditable 4th ribbon from a very competitive class of 12 steers.

As a result the Limousin and Angus steers were able to compete against the cattle breeders open class animals to vie for the Championship ribbons. We were all excited when the Limousin steer took out Reserve Champion Heavyweight steer.

We later achieved success in the On Hook competition with the Santa Gertrudis taking out a second ribbon in the Export class with the other 3 steers achieving creditable point scores.

Congratulations to all students and staff for representing Faith Lutheran College in a very professional manner.

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