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Royal Adelaide Show September 2017

Team work, perseverance and commitment – three attributes that were clearly displayed by students as they proudly represented the College at the Royal Adelaide Show last week. From the grand parade, to the show ring, wool shed and pens, students immersed themselves in the experience of showing animals – including the glamorous, and not-so-glamorous elements… (don’t ask about the need for paper towel and sponges…). No matter the task, students came together as a team and worked through the sunshine and rain to showcase steers, sheep and goats at their best. For the 49 students involved, almost a whole year of giving up recesses and lunchtimes culminated in two busy days of prepping and parading 5 steers, 6 goats and 6 wethers in public. Overcoming the stubbornness of 640kg steers, persevering despite the enthusiastic bleats of a tiny goat, and judging sheep in front of dozens of people, it was encouraging to observe students remain calm, support each other and put their best foot forward. An added bonus was the colourful array of ribbons that made their way back to the College after the Show. Congratulations and thanks to staff and students who represented Faith College .

Goat Results

Faith Marshmallow received 2nd in Capretto class 101A, and Faith Beansprout achieved a 3rd in this class. In Chevon class 102B, Faith Fabio received a 3rd and in Live Export class 103A Faith Whimsical Wilba finished 4th. Amy Lecons and Matthew Liersch were selected for their outstanding handling skills and returned to the ring with approx. 15 other students to compete in the Handlers Class. This class looks for the best relationship between goat and handler and also the presentation of both the goat and the handler. Both Amy and Matt worked extremely hard during this class both placed in the top 6. Amy achieved 1st place and Matt achieved 5th place. This is a huge achievement for both of these students and they have worked really hard to get to this level.

The Faith Goat Show Team also received 6th place for the Most Professionally Presented Show Team. Outstanding effort by everyone!

This year there was not a carcass competition for the goats and so ‘On Hoof’ results are not available.

Sheep Results


2nd place for Most Valued Skins
Student involvement in Sheep Judging Competitions
SA Junior Merino Fleece Judging Championship

Ages 12-15

1st Brooke Friebel ($50, Colyer Family Trophy & ribbon)
2nd Sarah Morris
3rd Rhiannon Bishop

Age 15 – 25

1st Thomas Fechner ($50, trophy & ribbon. Also an invitation to compete in the Australian Fleece Judging Championship in 2018)
SA Junior Merino Sheep Judging Championship

Ages 12-15

1st Brooke Friebel ($150 & ribbon)
3rd Sarah Morris ($40 & ribbon)
4th Henry Rowett
Kelsie Suter – Landmark Encouragment Award ($50)

Cattle Results

Active participation by 18 members of Faith’s Cattle Club team contributed to the ribbon success in the Led Steer competition. Faith’s ‘Walmona Oscarr XXXI’ Santa Gertrudis, led by Year 12 student Samuel Doering won the first of the ribbons, receiving a fourth place. Followed by Year 8 student Thomas Jaeschke, who capably led Red Poll ‘Oakwood Olly’ to fifth place. More success was yet to come, with Samantha Lange leading South Devon ‘Davelle Davo’ to second place.

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