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1 Faith

Friday 2nd February, over 1,000 members of the College community joined together for a Chapel service to officially mark the beginning of our new relationship with TLS. The majority of the service was led by students ranging from Year 1 through to Year 12. I congratulate our students for the capable, confident and excellent manner in which they led us last week – terrific job! We have received an incredible number of positive comments about the celebration and I take this opportunity to recognise and thank our College Chaplain Mr Adam Yeager who played a significant role in the organisation, planning and leading of the day.

With the celebrations now behind us, our focus will be to fully merge our two schools. This is a slow and complex process but one that is progressing very smoothly. I suspect that in the short term, there may be some uncertainty or confusion in the community regarding the names of both schools. From this point forward we are simply one school, with one name; Faith Lutheran College. Faith Lutheran College now has a junior campus (housed on the TLS site) and a middle and senior campus (housed at the Faith site). The only future change will come in 2019 when the junior school campus no longer offers Year 7 and these students will move to the middle school campus. In effect, the junior campus will offer ELC – Year 6 and the middle and senior campus will be Year 7-12. In future communication with parents the terms junior, middle and senior school will no doubt become part of our vocabulary.

The new Faith Lutheran College (ELC to Year 12) now shares one logo. The new logo has been designed to recognise and respect the culture and heritage of both schools while also creating a new and exciting brand. In the weeks and months ahead you will see the new logo replace previous logos. The response to the new logo has been overwhelmingly positive and I take this opportunity to acknowledge the large team of people who worked on the logo project throughout last year.

In addition to the merge, another significant focus of the coming months will be the construction of new facilities at the middle and senior campus. While the new facilities have predominately been designed for middle school students (i.e. Years 7, 8 and 9) all students across the College will have the opportunity to use the new facilities. We anticipate construction will commence in Term 2 in preparation for the start of the 2019 school year.

Enrolment inquiry for Year 7 has been incredibly strong and we are very excited about the educational program that Faith College will offer in 2019. In the coming months we will be making some very exciting announcements regarding curriculum, subject choice and the true middle school experience that will be offered to Year 7 students. We will also be announcing new initiatives for middle and senior school students.

Without doubt it will be an exciting year for Faith. Like me I hope you are excited about the possibilities that exist for all students. I look forward to keeping families informed of developments as they occur, via the College newsletter.

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