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The Faith Difference

Choosing the right school for your child can be a daunting task. In fact sometimes it’s challenging to even know what questions to ask let alone the logistics of getting children to school, navigating curriculum and understanding the individual needs of your child/ren. On average students spend over 2,500 days at school, so as a parent you want to know they are in an environment that is just right for them.

Key Points

  • Play based learning with a Reggio Emilia approach to the Curriculum in the Junior School

  • Inquiry focus as students journey through Middle School

  • Outstanding pathway opportunities in the Senior School


Faith Lutheran College

Our Approach

Walk the halls of the Junior Campus and you will soon discover that Faith Lutheran College is a school with heart. Genuine care radiates from the faces of teachers and in each classroom the walls tell a story of learning from each individual. Neutral tones reflect the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, with the colour coming from the children and their creative learning. Bright and vibrant, each child is known and is cared for in this close knit community. Individuals become family as connections form from a young age. Children may take their first steps in the Mulberry Room Playgroup, and begin their life long journey of learning in the warm and welcoming environment.

From three years of age the Early Learning Centre welcomes new students and the adventure starts with play based learning and structure within the safe surrounds of a nationally recognised learning environment. The adventure continues as children grow and new lessons are explored in the Pre-Foundation class with a dedicated Early Primary teacher. Foundation marks the start of Junior Primary, and children continue to be nurtured by an approach that is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophies education. The Australian Curriculum as the foundation, Reggio Emilia becomes the approach and framework to deliver the Curriculum in a way that is engaging and considerate of the young people in care. We are all equal citizens of this world and the young people we nurture today will become the custodians of our tomorrow.


As the learning journey continues for our students, we encourage each individual to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. The Elective program in Year 7 enables students to take risks and explore new passions and pathways in an inquiry-based approach to learning. Students help to guide the learning through purposeful conversations and questions that develop a greater depth and understanding of topics explored. It is through the Middle School that students have more choice as subjects such as Music and Agriculture add to the depth and breadth of subjects on offer and inspire students to ‘find their spark’.

In the Senior School our students have access to a wealth of knowledge and support as they begin to focus their journey on their pathway beyond school. A wide range of subject choices and dedicated staff help students navigate the way forward, as students are encouraged to pursue their passions and interests towards future career aspirations. Integrated into classroom learning is the desire to equip students with transferable skills such as communication, resilience, creativity and collaboration that will prepare students for life beyond school and ensure our graduates are truly world ready.

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