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Policies at Faith

Please find key School Policies listed on this webpage.
Additional policies can be accessed via Daymap.

School policies are important because they help a school establish rules and procedures in order to function effectively and ensure everyone is connected. Schools are highly complex places and having quality support documents that create standards of quality for learning and safety, as well as expectations and accountability, is essential.

In order for our school to encourage higher learning, our policies must be in place to establish goals and expectations as set forth by the school board. The application of these documents establish standards and help hold our College and educators accountable to our community. This is important for relating education to the community and making it responsible to the larger world. Accountability through the application of good school policies ensures that students are receiving a valuable education.

Faith Lutheran College’s policies have been developed over many years and are regularly updated and refined to reflect the ever-changing environment and societal needs and wishes. They provide advice for students, parents and the wider school community on the provision of education services and decision-making processes for our College.

These are updated regularly.

These policies as well as others are found on Daymap.

Please click these links for the Student Portal and the Parent Portal of Daymap.

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