Student Wellbeing.

At Faith, we place a strong emphasis on the social, emotional and psychological wellbeing of students. We have a fantastic Pastoral Care system that supports wellbeing.

The ROC (Reach Out Centre) at the Faith Campus is where you will find dedicated staff members focused on wellbeing including the College Chaplain and the College Counsellor. Here the door is always open to students and families that are seeking advice, information, or just someone to talk to.

Students often refer to their Village Care Group as their school family. Each Middle School student joins one of the 20 Care Groups, with each Village welcoming students from Years 8 to 12 each morning. Care Group teachers and students continue their journey at Faith together, with older year levels often providing leadership and mentoring for their younger peers. An example of this is the Peer Support Program where Year 11 students from each Village guide and support Year 8 students and help them to settle into life as a Middle School student. In each Village, students develop a sense of belonging and being part of the Faith community.

Year level connections are also important at Faith. Regular meetings provide another community environment for students to grow and develop. Each student at Faith is known, valued, understood and supported as they face the challenges of learning and growing in today’s world. Our individual approach aims to build self confidence in our students so they believe in themselves, their abilities and talents. It’s just another way we – keep the faith!

Our Vision

To develop creative, responsible, inspired individuals prepared for the challenges and rewards of their world.