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Bob Mitchell – Agriculture Co-ordinator


Over the last two months five steers have arrived on the Faith property and are being prepared by a dedicated team of students in readiness for the Royal Adelaide Show. Some of the steers are well over 500Kg in weight so breaking the animals so that they can be safely led has been a slow and steady challenge. The steers are all purebred and we have a Santa Gertrudis as an example of a hybrid breed, a Limousin as an example of a European breed, as well as Red Poll, Angus and South Devon steers being examples of British Bos taurus breeds.
The team of 20 students range from Year 8 to 12. Students that have been involved in past years not only have the chance to further develop their handling skills but have every opportunity to show leadership with the junior members of the group. The objective is to feed the animals in such a way that they have maximum muscling and optimal fat cover by the first week in September. Animals need to be tame and capable of being led in the show environment. All steers are showing good potential at this stage and we are keen to add to past successes.

Many people would be unaware that Faith has taken out 8 Grand Championships since 1996 which is a record for the Royal Adelaide Show in this particular event which commonly attracts 190 exhibits not only from schools but also beef cattle breeders.


A group of enthusiastic students are also preparing a team of 4 goats to be exhibited at the Royal Adelaide Show. The Boer wether goats have been sourced from Mrs Bonython’s Bon Chevon property. The kids were born between August 2017 and January of this year thus their sizes at the Show will enable a good spread across the weight groups. The main goals at the moment are to ensure a steady weight gain as well as training the kid goats to halter lead.


Once again Roger Fiebig Hilton Heath, Mount Pleasant, has generously donated a team of 4 Merino wethers to be exhibited at the 2018 Royal Adelaide Show. Ms Nelson and a keen group of 15 students are preparing these animals which will be judged on wool production as well liveweight gain.

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