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School Girls Leadership Breakfast with the Defence Force

A dark and chilly 6am departure was well worth the effort last Friday 15th June for students Lily Melville, Sarah Hughes, Lucy Anderson, Georgia Carter and Hannah Stevenson as they were greeted by a delicious hot breakfast and thought-provoking guest speakers at the Leadership Breakfast with the Defence Force, held at the Keswick Barracks.

Sarah Ruwoldt – Year 12 Wellbeing Leader

‘I learnt how to have no limits. Being able to set a goal and fulfill that goal without letting things get in my way. I went to this breakfast because for my Year 10 work experience I went down to the RAAF base at Edinburgh and I thought it would be a great learning opportunity for me as the Air Force is something I want to be a part of in the future. While having breakfast we had two ladies sit with us who were both from the air force and it was really great chatting to them about their jobs and how they got into their roles. The speakers were very inspiring…the food was amazing, and it was really great meeting a whole heap of new people.’

Georgia Carter, Year 10

‘I wanted to go because I am hoping to go into the Air Force in the future but still unsure if it would be for me. The breakfast gave me a rough idea of what life would be like. We met so many amazing speakers and they were so real. Everything they said you could relate to. It didn’t sound scripted. Overall, I had a really good time and I would go again.’,/p>

Hannah Stevenson, Year 10

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