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Individual Approach

We encourage every student in their quest for personal excellence.


Faith Lutheran College

Learning Enrichment

We understand that each student is an individual with individual learning needs. A number of programs at the school are designed to identify and support students that have skills and needs in different areas.

Our Inclusive Practices team work closely with teachers to provide additional help and guidance, either individually or in groups. Our staff work with families to support students who have Individual Learning Plans and provide a caring environment for personal growth.

One of the nice things about a school of our size is that the school is a family. The staff, students and parents get to know each other and each individual is celebrated for their personal talents and contribution to the school environment.

Our ‘buddy’ system between upper primary and junior primary students provides an opportunity for peer mentoring with wonderful connections fostered. Students across the Junior School also embrace the opportunity to work with and alongside Middle and Senior Students for regular connection and learning opportunities.

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