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Vibrant and Welcoming

Visit our school and you will instantly feel comfortable in our vibrant and welcoming spaces.


Faith Lutheran College

Learning Environments

Harvest Centre
Community is important to us at Faith Lutheran College. Our community of staff, students and parents regularly come together in the Harvest Centre for a time of worship and celebration. The Harvest Centre is a versatile space for community, learning and special church services and celebrations throughout the year.

Bush Block
The ‘Bush Block’ at our Junior School is certainly more than just a block of trees and shrubs. The tall native gums contrast against the blue skies, the snapping of twigs can be heard under-foot, and often visitors are welcomed by the call of birds and other wildlife. It’s a peaceful setting and one that students at our Junior Campus become familiar with from their early years. This outdoor classroom has become an important feature for lesson planning and learning. Transferable skills are developed and strengthened as students immerse themselves in our bush environment.

Community Gardens
We believe vegetables are tastier when you have nurtured them from seed. Nurturing the Community Garden at the Junior Campus is a highlight for many students. Not only is there careful planning and teamwork involved, but our young entrepreneurs work with local restaurants to market and sell produce, learning many valuable maths and life lessons along the way.

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