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Sustainable Outdoor Learning Environments (SOLE) is a school-wide focus on developing a culture that makes our campus an inspiring educational model of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Key Points

  • We intentionally seek out outdoor learning environments that complement and enhance children’s development and wellbeing.

  • We frequently visit the Bush Block to ensure children experience and enjoy the special nature of being outdoors and grow in their appreciation of the natural world and how to care for it.


Faith Lutheran College

Learning... naturally

Children learn naturally through play and our children are immersed in a rich play environment where they have opportunities to engage in meaningful activities which will foster growth, learning and development – physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. We value the importance of the outdoors and believe it is the ideal context to encourage children to be themselves, to explore, to experiment and to move.

Through our SOLE Program…

  • students learn lifelong skills for living
  • students become social contributors, rather than social consumers
  • a wide range of learning opportunities are explored through inspiring outdoor learning environments
  • we provide an innovative approach to curriculum
  • we develop numeracy and literacy skills, critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability and intercultural understanding
  • enhance our connection with the wider community
  • apply technology in practical ways outside of the classroom setting
  • engage students in an environment that contains within the opportunities to take learning outdoors; not adding to the curriculum but using it as a resource
  • promotes outdoor classrooms for science, design & technology, maths and every other learning area
  • celebrates expertise from the community so that knowledge may be passed onto future generations
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