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We acknowledge the importance of information and communication technologies and integrate this into teaching in a range of subject areas.

Key Points

  • We pride ourselves on exploring a variety of teaching strategies to cater for different learning styles.

  • Our evaluation process ensures that our curriculum is regularly reviewed so that it reflects the needs of our students in a constantly changing world.


Faith Lutheran College

Global Studies

In our globalised world we increasingly interact people of different nationalities, cultures and linguistic backgrounds.

An understanding of the process of learning different languages, and an appreciation of different cultures is valuable knowledge for our children.

Global Studies is inquiry based where learning is guided by students’ interests. Genuine investigation ensures students have ownership through self-directed study as 21st century learners.

Our focus is:

  • Gaining a greater exposure to a wider breadth of languages and culture, based on student interests – art, sport, architecture, food, literature, music, stories, leisure, festivals, religion, crafts, geography, history, etc.
  • Engaging more with online technologies to support language acquisition
  • Giving students self-direction of languages and cultures to study
  • Developing understanding of how other languages and cultures have influenced English language and Australian culture
  • How to research and use information efficiently

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

There is something truly special about seeing your child perform on a main stage.

Performing Arts is seen as an important part of each child’s education. Students have the opportunity to be part of our school choir and school band.

Every second year the Junior School stages a musical production, lead by Year 6 students and supported ably by all year level students. The musical is a showcase of the performing arts skills and talents of our students and always enthusiastically received by the school community.

Physical Education

Physical Education

Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of sporting events throughout the year. The programs provided develop the physical coordination, fitness students and sports skills of students.

Highlights of the program include annual swimming lessons, a swimming carnival and an athletics sports day. Specialist coaching activities are also available during the year in a number of popular sports.

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