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Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Student voice is important as we encourage students to be confident and passionate about their beliefs.


Faith Lutheran College

Learn to Lead

As students journey through school they often look to their older peers for inspiration and guidance. At Faith Lutheran College our belief is that every student has an equal voice. Each year elections are held to elect eight Year 6 students to the Front Bench. This group serves as the leadership team for the year with all children from Years 3 to 5 eligible to vote for this group and are encouraged to look for leadership qualities in those for whom they vote. From the Front Bench the staff elects school leaders and deputy leaders who represent the school at various functions and serve in this special role.

A highlight for many students serving on the Front Bench is the opportunity to work with the Student Council at our Middle and Senior Campus. Cross Campus meetings are held each term to foster connections and enable students to contribute to discussions and coordinate activities for the whole College to enjoy.

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