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At Faith Campus, we place a strong emphasis upon individual personal goals, development and growth. We have a committed staff who focus on empowering students to achieve their potential through a broad range of pathways. The teaching and learning environment at Faith is based upon 21st Century research and recognises that quality learning takes place when each student’s needs are met and when they are fully engaged. At Faith, a holistic approach emphasises not just academic achievement, but also the social, emotional and psychological well being of students.

We encourage our students to love and value learning and strive to be and do their best. The academic curriculum is well supported by an extensive extra-curricular program. Extra-curricular opportunities at Faith are incredibly varied and assist students to achieve balance in their lives while also developing the critical skills of collaboration, creativity, teamwork and leadership.

Our student wellbeing and pastoral care programs promote resilience and integrity and help build self-belief, esteem and confidence. Through community service initiatives, students learn compassion and a sense of responsibility for others in both a local and global sense.

Our curriculum incorporates a comprehensive range of subjects. Apart from outstanding subject choice, Faith is one of very few South Australian schools to have a highly resourced and well staffed Future Pathways service. This team provide support, guidance and counselling services to students to ensure that subject choices align with future career aspirations. These staff have significant professional knowledge about subject choices and University requirements. They also have strong links with local industries and they manage both school based apprenticeships and a diverse range of Vocational Education and Training programs.

Our experience is that students across all year levels regularly engage with the Future Pathways team as they identify and plan their career goals. Parents and past students are also regular visitors to the Future Pathways office.

Faith offers…

  • Up to 40 subjects to choose from in Year 12

  •  A dedicated Learning Support team

  •  Subject extension and acceleration opportunities

  •  Access to numerous school based apprenticeships and traineeships (let us know what your interests are and we will try and find a program for you)

  • A dedicated team in the Future Pathways office that provide advice and support for students as they explore their pathway through College and their world beyond.

  • 5 Nationally accredited courses that are delivered onsite

Certificate III in Fitness

Certificate II in Construction

Certificate I in Hospitality

Certificate II in Creative Industries

Certificate III in Christian Ministry

Subject choices include:

Health & Physical Education

  • Physical Education


  • Electronics
  • Material Products
  • Information Processing & Publishing

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Geography
  • History
  • LIFE (Learning in Faith Education)
  • Business & Enterprise
  • Accounting
  • Workplace Practices

The Arts

  • Creative Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Design
  • Music


  • German
  • Japanese


  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology

English & Maths


Hospitality and Textiles

For further information about the diverse range of subjects on offer at Faith Campus, please refer to the following Curriculum Handbook from Years 7 to 12;

2019 Curriculum Handbook from Years 7 to 12

Our Vision

To develop creative, responsible, inspired individuals prepared for the challenges and rewards of their world.