June 28, 2017 0 comments

In recent weeks, I have enjoyed dropping into the ‘Maker Space’ on Monday afternoons. It is a wonderful place to visit, not the least because of the infectious enthusiasm of Kerry Schwier, Michael Knowles and of course Simon McKenzie who we continue to miss. It is equally wonderful because of the students who attend.
Sometimes the group gathers for a chat around a plate of delicious hot wedges as ideas and concepts begin to be shared. The topic of conversation might be anything from the finer details of effective marshmallow cannon construction, to drone flying and filming, virtual reality viewing, or 3D printing. The latest discussion I attended centred on how to build a trebuchet (a medieval catapult). We watched a YouTube clip of a giant one throwing a car…
This emerging learning space is a microcosm of some of the great initiatives happening at Faith. It is a place of imagining, of experimentation, where a fail is not a mistake but a First Attempt In Learning (Thanks Simon!). It’s a space where collaboration and creativity are the norm. It’s a place that blurs the boundaries of subjects, where students transfer and combine skills and knowledge from one area to another.
What an exciting time to be a student and teacher! We are constantly told that the world is changing rapidly, but places like the ‘Maker Space’ and the collaboration and experimentation that take place in it provide opportunities to develop the skills to keep up with this change, be flexible, to find new ways of doing things.
The next time you see a drone skimming above the oval, you will probably be able to guess where it is from. Give it a wave. It will probably be filming you!


Head of Staff, Ben Schwarz

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