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A quick and simple way to update your Early Learning Centre bookings



What can I do in My Family Lounge?

· As an existing parent at our Early Learning Centre, you can easily manage your information online.

· You can request changes to days your child’s permanent booking.

· Provide detailed information about your child such as medical information, diet requirements, emergency contact details and more! All this information can be recorded within the online enrolment form and submitted to our service at your convenience.

How do I log in?

By now you will have received a Welcome email from the My Family Lounge parent portal. Now that you have been given your Username it is important that you validate your account by setting up your password. You will have 7 days to set up your password to validate your account to avoid your account expiring. If you have not set up your password, simply log in and enter in your email address and select ’forgotten password’ to recover your welcome email. If you are experiencing issues accessing your account, please contact the service for assistance.

Once logged in, you can send through a ‘change of days’ request whenever required, you can update details for you and your child and submit an updated enrolment form if you are providing us with any new information!

Your My Family Lounge log in details will travel with you for life. You will be able to log in anywhere, anytime as long as you have access to the internet.

For a better understanding of how My Family Lounge works, please visit

We are thrilled to be able to provide you with an easier and more efficient way of managing your child’s bookings at our Early Learning Centre.

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