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Last year there was a massive team effort made to plant up a roadside section of the College with local native species.

Many Faith Lutheran College staff were involved in the planning and ground preparation, while students were involved in the planting.

The purpose was to join our site directly with surrounding vegetation areas to create the Tanunda Urban Forest (TUF).

Our Year 10 Geography course (2018) made a curriculum link to the TUF and students were involved in data collection relating to Urban Heat Islands.

This curriculum link is continuing into 2019, with the vision to provide students with more cross-curricular real-life learning opportunities.

A video has been made about the TUF, featuring the work our students were involved in and how it links with other schools (Tanunda Primary School) and community groups.

This video is now part of the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board’s Facebook page.


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