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Year 12 Results

The 2020 Year 12 students have continued the College’s tradition of achieving outstanding academic results amidst a very challenging year. Faith is extremely proud of every one of our students for managing the uncertainty and challenges with strength, resilience and comradery amongst their peers.


The 2020 Year 12 students of Faith have continued the College’s tradition of achieving outstanding academic results.

The staff of Faith Lutheran College congratulate all students on their achievements and recognise the dedication and commitment shown by students to perform at such an exceptionally high standard. The College paid tribute to the dedication of teachers and the support of families which was a significant contributing factor in the final results.

Faith supports our Year 12 students to undertake 5.5 SACE subjects, as we believe that it is beneficial for our students to undertake a wider variety of subjects in order to broaden knowledge and skill development as well as providing them an opportunity to better their ATAR. This prepares our students to be World Ready.

As a snapshot…

  • 100% of eligible students achieved their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)
  • 7 students achieved an ATAR over 95 (8.9%*)
  • 11 students achieved an ATAR 90 and above (14%*)
  • 31 students achieved an ATAR 80 and above (39%*)
  • 100% of all subject scores were either A, B or C
  • 2 students were awarded merits
  • Agricultural Systems – Lucy Blenkiron
  • Business and Enterprise – Amy Lewis

*71 students were eligible for an ATAR and percentage has been calculated by this number

Grade Breakdown

  • 7% of students achieved A grades (11%)
  • 8 students received A+ grades other than those awarded with a merit

Particular congratulations are extended to the 2020 Dux, Lucy Blenkiron who achieved an ATAR of 98.75.

Top 10 Faith ATAR scores

  1. Lucy Blenkiron – 98.75
  2. Nalieka Hassold – 97.90
  3. Tomas Heuzenroeder – 97.05
  4. Isabel Nietschke – 96.30
  5. Caitlin Stafford – 96.15
  6. Betija Baikova – 95.80
  7. Amy Lewis – 95.65
  8. Sarah Morris – 93.10
  9. Nikki Grosser – 92.55
  10. Kasey Knowles – 91.80

VET Results

Faith Lutheran College is also extremely proud of the 23 students who completed Certificate III qualifications and 1 student who completed Certificate IV in Vocational Education & Training as part of their senior secondary studies at Faith Lutheran College and have had their VET results recognised as Stage 2 ATAR accredited subjects.

  • Certificate III in Animal Studies
  • Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design and Technology
  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate III in Make Up
  • Certificate III in Hospitality
  • Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology
  • Certificate IV in Fitness

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

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