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Students at Faith Lutheran College had an extra spring in their step as they perused the recently released 2022 Curriculum Handbook. Subjects on offer in the new year include Outdoor Education in Stage I and a specialist Dance subject available for students in Years 9 to 11.

The curriculum at Faith is delivered in a way that challenges students to inquire, collaborate and reflect. In the Middle School this includes offering students a diverse range of subjects to explore – from Design and Technology to Food and Hospitality, Music, Dance, Drama, languages and Visual Arts, students are encouraged to try new things, develop new skills and use their experiences to define their pathway through to the Senior School. This enables students to make informed choices and navigate their own, personalised pathway to become world ready young adults.

The addition of Dance in Faith’s curriculum highlights the College’s commitment to the Arts and allows students to engage in a journey of discovery, experimentation, expression, and problem solving relevant to the development of creative works. Students investigate a range of ways to express and communicate ideas and feelings within the framework of specific dance elements. Through dance, students become increasingly confident and proficient in developing their personal style.

Passionate performer and Year 9 student, Reo Gerhardy has already enjoyed a number of opportunities to dance at Faith, including the Showstoppers performance earlier this year. Reo explains, “I am excited about dance being added as a stand-alone subject next year as it will allow passionate dancers to learn the specific skills and techniques that come with it in a more focused enviuronment, and will allow me to be able to improve upon my skills and techniques as I continue to be involved with Arts around the school.

For Year 10 student Layla Grosser, dance brings an extra spring to her step as she explains; “I am excited about the opportunity to add more dance into my life… it is a way for me to express myself!”

In the coming weeks Faith students will make important decisions, choosing which subjects they will study in 2022, and beyond. Every student in Year 10 undertakes subject councelling with teachers, and a dedicated meeting with staff in the College’s Pathways Office ensure that each individual has access to expert advice and support. For Year 10 student, Emily Stutley this is an exciting time “I haven’t fully decided what I want to do after school but when considering my options dance is definitely one of them, whether that be dance teaching or a career in musical theatre.”

Faith students, Vanessa Mardle, Layla Grosser and Reo Gerhardy encourage Emily Stutley as they have fun with some dance moves on stage in the Barossa Arts Centre. The Year 9 and 10 students are looking forward to the opportunity to study Dance at Faith in 2022

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