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For over 40 years the community has gathered to declare vintage in the Barossa region.

Held on the third Sunday of February, the morning is filled with colour and vibrancy. The local wine fraternity, Barons of Barossa arrive cloaked in robes of red and yellow, Faith students arrive dressed in bright colours and flowered head pieces from yester-year. The historic creaky wagon carries the dark, sun ripened berries freshly harvested from a local Shiraz vineyard. The community awaits and watches as the procession commences and the colour and vibrancy moves from the tree lined main street of Tanunda to Tabor Lutheran church pews.

While it may be easy to get caught up in the colour and elaborate ceremony of the day, at the heart of this special event is a blessing. Eight Faith students bring three baskets of vine ripened fruit to the altar of the church to be blessed. As the local Pastor blesses the grapes, the congregation of Barons, community, young and old, thank God for the fruits of this land.

“Our pioneers came to this blessed land and live here. And God you blessed them and their land. They planted grain and vines. And you God gave the harvest. The land produced quality grapes for our famous wines. We thank you God for this and for all the good things you give us.”  

After the Blessing of the Grapes Ceremony, Faith students guide the grapes down the main street of Tanunda to await the ‘first crush’. Here the community welcomes and celebrates the 2019 Winemaker of the Year and the 2019 Vigneron of the Year. The vintage is forecast by the Barons – another quality year is promised by the wine fraternity who collectively share an unparalleled knowledge and wisdom of this region.

Members of the community are invited to taste the first drops of vintage for themselves. As the Winemaker and Vigneron of the year carefully place the blessed fruit through a vintage crusher, Faith students work alongside Young Ambassadors to share the juice with the crowds. The sweet Shiraz juice leaving a special finish to an event that showcases the distinctive characters of the Barossa…


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