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Faith students receive first place in Year 9 science awards

Each year the State-wide Science Investigation Award Program seeks to encourage budding young scientists to challenge their thinking and design an experiment with a project focus of choice.

Year 9 students at Faith Lutheran College recently undertook the five-week challenge and developed their Science inquiry skills through a process of establishing a testable research question, hypothesising, designing a method to test the question, collecting and analysing results and producing a final report.

Many students tackled scientific concepts far beyond the curriculum, with the results impressing Award judges, Ms Belinda Cay from Ag Communicators and Dr Helena Ward, who was representing STEM professional in Schools. The judges elected to take all twelve project finalists to the State Final held at the Royal Adelaide Show. The judges top five projects focused on the following research:

“What household disinfectant kills the most bacteria?” – Katherine and Zoe

“Acid rain effect on Plant germination and development” – Jake

“The effect of rockwool and cocopeat on the growth of seedlings” – Zachary

“Can heating up the soil surrounding a summer seed allow it to germinate and grow during winter months?” – Hayley

“The effect of differing water application methods on radish seed growth” – Nicholas

The state-wide judging took place at the Royal Adelaide Show on Monday 2nd September, with first place in the Year 9 category being awarded to Faith students Katherine and Zoe.

Faith’s Science Coordinator, Dr Rattanatray was pleased with the way students engaged with the Science Investigation projects, saying; ‘our hope is you carry this passion for Science beyond your schooling and pursue careers in the STEM fields, in areas such as engineering, computer science, medicine, health science, chemical engineering and agronomy, just to name a few.’

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