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The anticipated arrival of 180 new faces including staff and students across the Junior School and Middle and Senior School has been met with excited chatter. From three year old students embracing play based learning in the Early Learning Centre, to Year 7 and 8 students who join us from more than 26 schools from the Barossa and surrounds.

Several new staff join us after a significant move from intrastate or interstate. We particularly think of these staff as they become familiar with a new school and also a new home within a new community.  Some staff bring with them experience from overseas and many are already acquainted with the Lutheran Education framework.

A few of our new staff look familiar, and rightly so, as they now walk the corridors of Faith, not as a student, but as a qualified teacher. Many of our Faith Alumni who have returned in a teaching capacity bring with them experience from a range of dynamic education settings. Their investment back into Faith and the Barossa ensures we continue to flourish and grow in our diversity and global awareness.

Earlier this week we caught up with a few of our new Year 7 students to see how they were settling in. Here’s what they said…

Q: Over your first couple of days, what has been the highlight? What were you excited to tell your family about when you got home?

“I have loved exploring new spaces” – Lucy

“Canteen!” – unanimous from Lucy, Jovi and Tayla

“I wanted to tell them all the little things – what I did in the day, where my locker is, what the teacher are like, where I sat at lunch.” –  Jovi

Q: So far, has it been quite different to primary school?

“Getting to know lots of other students – Year 7 at Faith is the same size as my whole primary school!” Tayla

“After a while it seems smaller, the more time you spend here you feel more comfortable. I haven’t got lost yet!” – Jovi Semmler

Q: What are you looking forward to as the year progresses?

“Looking forward to making new friends” – unanimous from Lucy, Jovi and Tayla

“Trying different subjects and starting agriculture” Tayla

Q: What has been most helpful as you have started high school?

“The teachers support is great and they always guide us and help us” – Lucy

“We know where we can go to for help, like student services they are always available” – Jovi


After two weeks of online learning for many of our students, next week we finally welcome all year levels back onsite. We anticipate there will be more happy chatter in the corridors and that extra level of energy and ‘buzz’. It will be wonderful to have everyone back.

As we continue to welcome our new and returning staff and students, we look forward to their influence and impact on the landscape of our Faith Community.

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