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What are the benefits of being an alumni?

Faith Lutheran College's Alumni Program


Faith Lutheran College has been operating as a secondary education facility since 1986.  Located in the Barossa Valley, the College, already in a tight-knit regional community, is starting to see second generation students commence at the College. This is an exciting time in our journey, but also provides a moment of reflection. What have these Alumni achieved beyond the College grounds over the last 30 years? How have they contributed to the community? And then more pertinently, what can current students learn from them?

Aside from being involved in many of the Barossa’s core industries like winemaking, agriculture, viticulture and tourism, our Alumni have made their mark in a variety of fields including Science and Engineering, Medicine, Education, Entertainment and Film industry and as Professional athletes.  Current students can learn a lot…

Our research shows that Alumni can serve many valuable roles such as providing mentoring, internships and even career opportunities for current students. There is an immediate level of trust with someone who you can relate to by growing up in a country area and attending the same school.

Alumni are also advocates for your school. Having a positive schooling experience, especially during teenage years where one’s place in the world is confusing and complex, is undeniably important to raising well rounded, confident young adults. For there to be proud alumni, demonstrates the success of their educational journey.

We are fortunate to have an active alumni that is enjoying the benefits of the social, business and professional connection opportunities.

Photo: Jarrod Schmidt, Class of 1991 and current AP Johns employee. Tasting some Mengler View Wines out of AP Johns’ Barrels with Ag Learning Area Coordinator, Bob Mitchell.

For more information on our Alumni, please follow this link.


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