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Service is a word we often hear in Lutheran Schools. But what does it mean and what does it look like here at Faith?

As a College we view service as faith active in love. Not only can service be expressed through selfless giving and loving of others, but it may also be the positive difference we can make in the lives of others by responding to needs and acting without expecting recognition or reward.

At Faith we are encouraged by our students who take a moment to pause and reflect, to think deeply and critically about others and what difference they can make in their lives. Through service we witness learning in action as students initiate new ideas and ways they can collaborate with peers and the wider community to serve others.

Although the current pandemic has brought many challenges to households across the globe, in some ways it has also inspired an additional level of agility and creativity as communities seek new ideas and alternatives to reach desired outcomes. Our Junior School Front Bench students were recently behind several initiatives to serve others both near and far.

With recent health restrictions preventing parents from attending weekly school worship services, Front Bench students Ella, Ruby, Georgie and Tali were determined to find a way to continue to support Movin (the school’s World Vision Sponsor Child), without the regular offerings donated during worship times. Together, the Year 6 leaders initiated the concept of “Two-dollar Tuesday”. The idea was to encourage students and families to donate money for Movin on a Tuesday, whether that was one Tuesday, regular Tuesdays, or every Tuesday throughout the term. Ella, Ruby, Georgie and Tali kept students and teachers updated with the donation tally and created a visual reminder in the front office to encourage support for Movin. By the end of term, the initiative surpassed the goal of reaching $576.00, with a total of $844.75 raised. Not only will this financial gift continue to support Movin in the coming year as he continues his education, but it will also enable his community to receive ongoing assistance with projects, which will benefit everyone.

Front Bench students also actively displayed their leadership and organisational skills as they coordinated a casual day to support families in need through Australian Lutheran World Service. Collectively each class selected gifts to send to communities in other countries. A total of $697.40 was raised and enabled the following gifts to be shared:

·         COVID Care Kit x 3

·         School Kit x 6

·         Tree Saplings x 1

·         Extra Food x 5

·         Mobility Support x 2

·         Piglet x 4

·         Hen x 4

·         Vegetable Seedlings x 2

·         Dress Making Class x 1

·         Goat x 1

·         Beekeeping x 1


At Faith, we value caring for, supporting, and serving our community. It is this approach that has served the generations before us, and we believe it is this approach that will serve the generations to come after. As we walk in partnership with families, staff, and students, we seek to develop a culture that is giving, and a culture that is inspired by daily opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We seek to serve our community and to encourage and inspire students to be active in their service as they grow and develop as caring and responsible citizens.

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