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Our art exhibition highlighted the value we place on our student’s quality interactions with people and materials through the engagement of their many languages of expression. Their voices, made visible in their art, are powerful and should be heard.

On the evening of Friday 20th September our ELC & Junior Campus was blessed with a wonderful turn out of our school community to share in enjoyment of the children’s Art Exhibition. The Harvest Centre was transformed, with a little magic, to display works from artists (children) from Playgroup and ELC all the way up to Year 6. Families and friends thoroughly enjoyed the positive atmosphere and strong sense of community as they took the exhibition in, read artist’s reflections and participated in the various live collaborative art activities.

This exhibition is important to Faith Lutheran College because we value our children’s creative expression and we value opportunities to build our school and community relationships. We believe that nurturing relationships with our families and friends, sharing in moments such as this, is an essential part of fostering a healthy community for our children to contribute to and grow within.

The artworks on display covered a variety of mediums, from works on paper to clay and sculptural works. This variety of mediums was an excellent example of the languages we acknowledge at our ELC & Junior School for our children to choose from and express themselves with.

All classes invested themselves in the event, and enjoyed seeing their art on display, with each piece accompanied by the children’s own reflective comments.

As co-constructors of their own learning, we believe that children are capable, powerful, competent beings born with unique strengths, talents, and interests. Our art exhibition highlights the value we place on our student’s quality interactions with people and materials through the engagement of their many languages of expression. Their voices, made visible in their art, are powerful and should be heard.

The Student Art Committee, comprising of a group of students from Middle and Upper Primary, was actively involved in assisting with decision-making, promotion to their peers, curatorial and preparation tasks for the Exhibition. On the evening, these students welcomed families, assisted with activities and guided special guests.

The Art Exhibition was officially opened by Minister Knoll, who later reflected, “It was an honour to be asked to officially open the exhibition on Friday and special thanks must go to the Student Art Committee for all their hard work, as well as showing me around the incredible artwork!”

Local artist (and parent) Janelle Amos – Self Pollinate – shared her skills and knowledge leading our community in a collaborative nature mandala. The large scale mandala was constructed with ephemeral and organic pieces which Junior students sourced from the Bush Block in the weeks and days prior. The mandala was explained as, “A celebration of our children, our school, our wonderful Barossa setting and their journey within our community.”

An ELC child was invited to place the first piece of the mandala, their ‘curly leaf’. ELC Co-coordinator Nicole Owen explained, “The curly leaf was one of the first provocations nature provided for us when the ELC began visiting the Bush Block in 2011. Continuing to discover these leaves in the Bush Block fosters our sense of wonder, curiosity and intrigue about nature and the world around us and finding one of these treasured leaves brings both big and little explorers great joy! We chose this as the centre piece for the mandala to evoke these feelings of wonder, curiosity and intrigue in the people viewing the exhibition and to share a special piece of this treasured place with the wider community.”

“We find the curly leaf in the Bush Block. They look so cool coz they’re curly. It’s something special when we find them coz we have to look really hard to find one.”
Oliver, age 4

In addition, there were two fun collaborative art activities for adults and children to enjoy. Families were invited to add to the ‘weaving gate’ or pick up a brush and paint at an easel.

Our Parents and Friends and the families of Year 5/6 Timms class kindly supported enjoyment of the event with drinks, sausages and baked goods on sale.

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback, the ‘Image of the Child’ ELC to Year 6 Art Exhibition was extended to remain open to families and friends until the end of Parent Teacher Interviews on Tuesday of the following week.

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