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For over three decades, Faith Lutheran College has acknowledged and celebrated the gifts and talents of students through the tailored Awards Program.

This tradition of celebrating student achievement continued in 2020 with awards presented across five-year level ceremonies. community organisations, businesses and individuals supported the Awards Program to sponsor subject awards, special prizes and scholarships.

Amongst the special prizes, the ‘Magnolia Prize’ was awarded to a student in each year level, recognised for their ‘budding talent’ in an extra-curricular area of interest. This year’s recipients included a group of students with a diverse range of abilities, from music and sport to aviation and STEM.

Year 7 Desiree Abela
The Magnolia Prize winner for Year 7 in 2020 is a very active student both in and outside of the school. They have been involved in a wide variety of sports this year including dance, soccer, WAFL and basketball. She has been a part of the SAPSASA soccer and Knockout basketball teams. This student enjoys learning piano and singing. She volunteers to sing at church and is actively involved in her youth group. She was also chosen to sing at a Fire Fundraising dinner and helped to organise a bake sell stall to raise further funds for the firefighters. This student has also represented the Year 7 cohort as one of our confident and outstanding year level leaders this year. This Year’s Magnolia Prize winner is Desiree Abela.

Year 8 Alicia Hayes
Alicia began flying in small aircraft with her grandfather when she was just 4 years old. She loved doing loops and barrel rolls. In the last couple of years Alicia has taken extra interest in flight and started learning to fly for herself, firstly through a flight school at Murray Bridge when she was 11, and now at Aldinga. Alicia travels to Aldinga once each fortnight for her flying lessons and is currently, in her words, pretty good at take-offs but still a bit bumpy on the landings. Alicia is aiming to be able to fly solo by the age of 15 and obtain her first pilot’s license at 16, the youngest age allowed.

Year 9 Lauren Langford
Laurens music ambition began at the early age of 9 where she commenced learning to play both the trumpet and guitar. This was seemingly short-lived after the desire to practice practice practice was challenging and tedious, and it was here that she began to find her voice.
Lauren began having regular singing lessons shortly after, and this has continued through to her time here at Faith. Through the development of her voice, Lauren has had opportunities to perform in school stage shows and solo performances at Carol’s by Candlelight at Peter Lehman wines here in the Barossa. Despite the current challenges which will be etched in history as ‘Remember 2020’, Lauren did not let this stop her from singing. Lauren was invited to perform live on an open mic night at Stella One Studios with local musician Jamie Belchynden.
Taking inspiration from her favourite artists, Ariana Grande and Billy Eilish, Lauren produces her beautiful unique sound.
Laurens attributes are not limited to music and the performing arts. She demonstrates a strong academic capacity and interest in the fields of Science and maths, and, coinciding with her lovely, soft and caring nature it is no surprise that a career aspiration of working in paediatrics has been ticking away.
Lauren has made quite an impact since joining us here at Faith College. Her enthusiastic, motivated and determined nature has been such an asset both in the classroom and in her social surroundings, and it is wonderful to see her settle in so well. Her passion for The Arts has certainly been an element of noteworthy value as she strives for excellence in both her musical and drama performances. Her confidence in singing solos to whoever will audience is a credit to her, and her ensemble work has also shone within the classroom setting. Lauren has also revealed her talents in Drama by being actively involved in the Year 11 flash mob, engaging with comedy and supporting others. Lauren approaches all tasks with enthusiasm and determination.

Year 10 Jake Noble
Jake Noble has demonstrated outstanding knowledge and application within STEM. During 2020, he has studied Stage 1 Maths Methods, Specialist Maths and Biology and next year will study Stage 2 Maths Methods and Specialist Maths, as well as Stage 1 Physics and Chemistry.
Jake has achieved high recognition in numerous competitions throughout the year:
Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition (Maths) –Distinction.
AMC of Australian Maths Trust Competition – Distinction
Australian Maths Competition – Distinction
AMT Maths Challenge – High Distinction
AMT Maths Enrichment – credit.
Jake was a member of the 2019 and 2020 Faith Maths Quiz Teams.
Diverting from Maths, Jake received a high distinction in the Geography competition
Demonstrating his sporting prowess, Jake came 3rd in the breaststroke in the Faith Swim Team.
Jake enjoys design and drawing. He does a lot of illustrator design which is Paleo accurate.

Jake’s passion for Science and Maths started in Year 3, with a project entitled “what we want to do when we are older”. Jake liked dinosaurs so did a project on Palaeontology which progressed to live science, and then an interest in all sciences when he started high school.

Jake wants to pursue his interest in science, maybe as a geneticist or in aerospace engineering.
Outside of school, Jake plays cricket, football and basketball.
He likes to read (science and physics books), enjoys water sports and is s an absolute whiz on the rubrics cube.
Jake says, “In 20 years I don’t care what profession I am in but I want to be changing the world.”

Year 11 Edward Robinson
After being inspired by the incredible feat of Space X to land a rocket booster on a ship in the middle of the ocean, after returning to Earth from delivering satellites into orbit, Edward’s goal was to design and make a model rocket. He would do this completely from scratch, with the goal to become the first person in the world to vertically land a model rocket, like SpaceX. And so, for Edward, Project Summit was born…
It started with a week of 3D design work. In the initial stages, Edward figured it would be about 3 months of solid work until the first launch and about $300-400. Some 10 months later and a scary amount of money spent – the rocket was finally ready for testing in late September.
The rocket itself works the exact same way that real orbital-class rockets do. It uses a technique called Thrust Vector Control, or TVC, which involves moving the engine to change where the thrust is coming from to keep the vehicle stable and guide it on its trajectory. Edwards rocket, Summit V1, uses advanced electronics, a lot of maths and extensive programming to figure out the vehicles orientation and keep it going in the right direction. As well as this, the vehicle has deployable landing legs, an advanced parachute ejection system and a carbon fibre body.

Edward’s energy and commitment to researching and building his own rocket has been incredible to observe. Edward clearly has a passion for space exploration and design that he will continue to foster in the coming years. His willingness to share his knowledge with the community has been outstanding. Congratulations Edward on your work to this point and we all look forward to seeing this progress into the future.

Year 12 Olyvia Reimers
Olyvia is an enthusiastic, highly committed and passionate singer and performer. She has taken on a caring, gracious and supportive role as one of the Music Leaders this year through her compassionate and helpful nature and has been an excellent role model for the younger performing Arts students. Olyvia’s time here at Faith College has seen her participate in many events including Generations in Jazz in Mount Gambier as a member of the Jazz Choir, Balaklava Eisteddfods as a member of the winning Rock Band and Senior Choir, solo and ensemble performances at Wanera Wine Bar, the lead for our school Musical CATS as the character ‘Jellylorum’, the lead for our almost Musical MATILDA as the character ‘Miss Honey’ and many and various performances with the Senior Choir both in school and in the wider community. Her involvement in the Australian Girl’s Choir throughout her time at Faith has shown a strong commitment to a stringent rehearsal schedule in Adelaide, a leadership position with the Cantissimo group this year, an overseas tour, and most recently a performance alongside Hugh Jackman for his World Tour. We wish Olyvia all the very best for her future endeavours in the Performing Arts.

We sincerely thank our Gold, Silver and Bronze award sponsors, and our special prize sponsors for their generosity towards our 2020 Awards Program. We encourage Faith families to support these businesses in recognition of their contribution.

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