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Titled ‘Insect Investigators’, Faith’s Year 9 students in partnership with the South Australian Museum and supported by the University of Adelaide have been given resources to set up a special tent-like net structure to document their local insect biodiversity and discover new insects in their area.

Students will be involved in collecting specimens before sending them to expert scientists who will catalogue, identify and research the insects to help build on the knowledge of Australia’s insect species. Of notable anticipation is if an unnamed species of insect/arachnid/bug is found at Faith, the students will get to collaborate with taxonomists to give it a name. Part of the grant also included workshops with members of the Insect Investigator team to inspire students to become junior entomologists for the year and provide handy tips on preparing the insect traps.

Science Learning Area Coordinator Mr David Gambell explained, ‘This opportunity allows students to participate in a ground-breaking study, collaborating with real scientists who will take them along this journey of discovery. After being introduced to the project, and meeting the taxonomists involved, it was great to see students engaged and empowered. Some stormy weather at the start of the term made setting up the malaise trap difficult, but it’s clear that a right location was found as the number of insects we’re collecting is impressive.’

If your child is involved in the program, ask them to show you the Insect Investigators website. Students are encouraged to check this platform regularly for the latest findings and developments.

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