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As part of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program, our Year 7 students have been inquiring into the Statement of Inquiry ‘Civilisations have developed at different times and locations, bringing about change and innovation.’ The key concept explored for this inquiry was Time, Space and Place. The related concept was Civilisation, and the global context was Scientific and Technical Innovation.

At the beginning of this unit, the students developed their understandings on ancient civilisations that have existed and were asked to inquire into the following questions:


What is a civilisation?

What were some of the main features of past civilisations?

What were the achievements of some of the past civilisations?

What are some of the legacies of ancient civilisations?

What factors led to the emergence and achievements of different civilisations?


How can we find out about the past?

How has the past influenced current times?


Is learning about ancient civilisations important in order to understand the modern world?

Students then chose an area of interest and inquired into this area across four ancient civilisations. They developed an inquiry question to guide their research and showed their understanding through artefacts, visuals and interactive activities. They also compared the practices of each ancient civilisation with modern times using a Venn Diagram.

The Year 7 wing was buzzing with excitement as we held our Ancient Civilisations Showcase – the pinnacle of our inquiry – where the students had the opportunity to share their learning with the Year 4 and 5 classes from the Junior Campus. Both groups of students shared that it was a fun and valuable experience that will remember for years to come.
Mandy Verco, Year 7 Teacher

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