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Music is an integral part of learning at Faith Lutheran College

This year students at the Junior School have relished the opportunity to become immersed in a tailored music program that celebrates both individual and collective skills, and enthusiasm.

The week starts with the Junior School’s instrumental program. Held on a Monday and lead by experienced music teachers, there has been an overwhelming response to lessons this term. Students can learn wind, brass, or string instruments, including violin, flute, clarinet, trombone, saxophone and trumpet. Working in small groups, students learn to shape their technique and play together as a band. Students are aspiring to play as a large super-band later in the year.

The Junior School Choir is another opportunity for students to grow and learn along their music journey. The choir is passionately directed by Tash Steinert and involves 50 students coming together on a Friday. Together the voices fill the School’s Harvest Centre with energy and an uplifting demonstration of vocal range and ability, and several performance opportunities have already taken place this year.

Individual music lessons are also available for students in years 2 to 6 at Faith Lutheran College. Specialist music teachers provide lessons in guitar and keyboard, whilst additional instrumental classes are accessible at Faith’s Middle and Senior School.


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