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This was a powerful message our 2021 College Leaders recently shared with their fellow students, families and staff at the 2021 Valedictory service.

In a cleverly woven speech, the College Leaders acknowledged the pivotal memories and moments when numbers have been a significant part of their secondary school journey. Starting from Year 8 where they were obliged to wear uniforms 5 sizes too big because ‘you’ll grow into them,’ through the 2,535 days of high schooling, the assignment percentages and the looming ATAR number in Year 12.

And whilst many of the numbers have been the same, one number has remained distinctive to each individual; their five-digit student ID number. A number that has never belonged to one student before, and will not belong to one student in the future. A one-off number that signifies the unique experience each student will have during their journey at Faith.

Last Thursday, the final exam was held at Faith for the 2021 cohort. This marked the last opportunity for students to use their unique student ID number. And now as the count down begins until students receive their results, they can be assured that they have always been more than a number at Faith. As each individual starts the next chapter of their journey, we are confident a great number of things are in store for the class of 2021 as they step away from Faith as young adults who are truly world-ready.

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