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Perched high in a leafy tree at the front of our Early Learning and Junior School, you will find our newly created, brightly colourful friends.

As the Autumn breeze rustles the tree leaves, our friends sway carefully and purposefully for all to see. Whilst a family of owls may not be the first image that springs to mind when thinking about creating a scarecrow for the upcoming Vintage Festival, for our Early Learning team, the opportunity to link this well-loved community event with our children’s learning was a natural connection.


Having recently studied the beautiful book ‘Owl Babies’, the ELC and Foundation children have been on a wonderful learning journey while investigating the central idea everyday I learn more about myself and others. To create the colourful owl family, meaningful learning connections have been made as children inquire about who they are and how their uniqueness and relationships with others help shapes their sense of identity and belonging. Family is a theme that brings the ‘Owl Babies’ story to life for our youngest learners, as they consider the big feelings of sadness, worry and concern they sometimes experience when they say farewell to a loved one. The story also celebrates the joy they feel when their family comes together again at the end of the day.


Children in the ELC collaborated with Foundation students to share ideas and creative designs, actively displaying skills such as cooperation, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking. An important part of the process was reviewing the drawings and writing a list of important characteristics to include on the scarecrows. Foundation students labelled the drawings and explored the use of patterns to create the owl wings.  A special visit from parent volunteer and admired artist, Liz, further inspired the students as the creation of the owl family came to fruition.


We hope you enjoy the story behind our ‘Owl Babies’ and we invite you to vote for #96 in the Scarecrow Trail via

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