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On Tuesday 19 March, we hosted the Year 10 Parents as Career Partners Evening.

The night commenced by exploring how parents can enjoy becoming a travel partner on their child’s pathway journey. As Year 10 families, it was a great opportunity to unravel SACE and its requirements over Year 11 and 12 and that at Faith we commence SACE in Year 10 with the career focused subject, Personal Learning Plan (PLP). Families then welcomed the information from the Year 10 Wellbeing Leader and Work Experience Coordinator and VET Coordinator about work experience and our extensive VET courses on offer both on and off Faith campus.

The evening concluded with a detailed analysis of the Vocational Interest Questionnaire (VIQ) and how families interpret the Year 10s Interest Profiles and occupations associated with those interests. This led to the workshop where families commenced the Action Plan as a team and worked on exploring pathways and various websites to assist in this process. Families found this evening both valuable and informative.

Completion of the VIQ Action Plan is important and needed when each Year 10 meets with the Pathways Coordinator to discuss their results, possible pathways and related courses and subjects. The Action Plan is also required for the subject PLP as it formulates the basis of the first assessment task.

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