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Our Year 9 students took part in their first major event as part of ‘The Rite Journey’ which has been introduced to the LIFE program this year.

The ‘Calling and Departure’ evening involved a shared BBQ dinner, parent information session, ceremonial visit to Mengler Hill and overnight campout on the College ovals.

The purpose of the event

  •  To acknowledge the end of the Year 9 students’ childhood.
  •  For the Rite Journey teachers to ‘call’ the Year 9 students on their journey to adulthood.
  •  For the Year 9 students to show gratitude to those who influenced their childhood.
  •  For the Rite Journey teachers to receive the parents’ blessing to guide the Year 9 students this year.
  •  To inform parents about the nature of The Rite Journey and what it aims to achieve over the course of the year.

Despite the windy conditions, Year 9 students and their parents embraced the opportunity to be part of this special occasion, as students set out on this very important year in their lives.

Student reflections

Rebecca – I enjoyed setting up the tents and drinking hot chocolate.
Sophie – Something that challenged me was sleeping in the tent in the wind.
Josh – I appreciated the way the rocks represented my adulthood.
Regan – I enjoyed going to Mengler Hill to watch the sunset.
Eben – Something that challenged me was setting up a tent and sleeping in it.
Laura – I enjoyed watching the movie and receiving the gift from our parents.
Jade – Thanks to my parents for supporting me through my childhood.

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