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On the Friday 10 June, 21 Year 10 students left Faith Lutheran College Middle and Senior School to go the sensational Science and Engineering Challenge. This was located at the 36ers Basketball Stadium in Findon, Adelaide. We were competing against six other schools and students were awarded points for each activity and the school with the most cumulative points at the end of the day was declared the winner.

Each group was allocated either one day-long or 2 half-day science and engineering-based challenge activities. The activities were designed to test our problem-solving, creativity and teamwork skills. Our school worked hard and we did not lose the day. Some of the activities that we needed to complete included building a load-carrying bridge, earthquake-proof tower, bionic hand, and mars rover using only the provided materials. Activities also involved sending codes with colours, building a water turbine, and connecting different towns to a power grid.

Our school cheered the loudest and we had the best sportsmanship on the day. All things considered, the students did an excellent job competing and were really challenged in their problem-solving skills and ability to work together as a team. We came sixth out of seven schools but, in our minds, we won with our smiles. The day was overall brilliant, and we would recommend the challenge to other students as it is very worth it.

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