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Recent upgrades and installations at the Junior School and Middle and Senior School have been possible thanks to financial support through a State Government Capital Grant for Independent Non-Government Schools.

Approximately $130k was spent in the Visual Arts classrooms and approximately $55k was allocated towards the new Design Technology spray booths and a new shed. Approximately $5k was assigned to the addition of interactive music pipes in the playground at the Junior School.

Visual Arts

Walking into the newly renovated Visual Arts space, you immediately feel the creative vibe. Learning Area Coordinator Avylon Magarey explains ‘The purposefully chosen colour palette has been selected to ensure the displayed artworks pop. Staff and students love working in the refreshed space.’ In addition to aesthetic upgrades, a roof has been installed over the office space providing staff with a quiet, productive area to plan lessons and mark work. Respecting the importance of natural light, glass panels have also been installed serving as a sound-proof divider between the classrooms. These upgrades have been instrumental in the functionality of the Visual Arts space.

Design Technology

The purpose-built spray booth and workshop provide a safe place for students to develop skills and knowledge. The upgrades in the Design and Technology Learning Area correlate with the growth industries for our future workforce.

Interactive Music Pipes

With a focus on performing arts and music at the Junior School, the installation of the musical pipes in the playground has been welcomed. This interactive equipment provides another opportunity for students to explore music and be creative outside the classroom.

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