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Faith Lutheran College has a lot to thank Colin Gramp and his family for.

Not only was Colin instrumental in helping to establish Faith Lutheran Secondary School as it was known, but he and his family were also extraordinarily generous throughout their lives to the College and the students who attended it.

Colin spent much of his time in the early years of Faith as a modern-day Influencer. He helped people see the benefits of a Lutheran education at Faith through storytelling, evidence and experience. However, in his day, he actually spent time with people, talking with them and listening to them rather than posting photos of himself! Times have changed but the benefits of this influence remain.

Much of Colin’s dedication to the building of a faith-based education facility was a reflection of his parents. He honoured his parents, L.Hugo Gramp (1895 – 1938) and C.Hulda Gramp (1895 – 1984), especially his father who was tragically killed in the Kyeema air disaster near Melbourne in 1938.

The Library at Faith is named the Gramp Memorial Library after Colin’s parents.  Librarian and long time staff member Kerry Schwier would receive a phone call from Colin inviting her over for a cup of tea, a chat and, to collect a donation of books. This happened a couple of times a year. The students of Faith now have a significant collection of winemaking and viticulture books from him to research and learn from.

Colin and his family also supported the annual Faith Wine Auction through generous wine donations and attendance at the event each year.

Whilst Colin’s passing signifies the end of an era, the values of Service, Community, Faith and Education which he helped to install at the College, remain strong.

The community of Faith Lutheran College is deeply saddened by the passing of Mr Colin Gramp earlier this month.

He was institutional in the establishment of Faith Lutheran School, as it was known, in the early 1980’s and remained a dedicated supporter. His dedication to the College has seen thousands of students benefit and succeed in their lives.

We extend our sincere condolences to the Gramp family. The Barossa has been truly blessed by Colin’s passion and hard work

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