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A lovely story recently shared by Mrs Minge about 'Faith Time'

FAITH Time @ TLS Campus is… ‘Fun And Interesting Things Happening @ TLS’.

And if you visit us on a Friday afternoon, that is exactly what you will see. Students and leaders spending time together in small groups, sharing moments of learning and laughter, exploring new experiences and having FUN.

What is your ’faith time’ like?

When you think about faith, going to church, reading the Bible, worship, being a person of faith, spending time with God, do you think of being bored, sitting and listening nearly falling asleep, being sombre, quiet and not being involved?

Or do you think of fun?

I hope it is the latter. I encourage my class to think of spending time with God in our class worship and chapel as being a time of fun, involvement and respectful worship.
Recently in a class devotion, we wrote our hopes and dreams for ourselves and the world as prayers on clouds and then we hung them up in the classroom.

..One lunch time, Summer commented to me, ‘Mrs Minge, it sure is cloudy in here today.’
I responded, ‘Yes. Cloudy with the chance of meatballs.’ A purely off hand comment with no real purpose or even thought of the movie of the same name.

Summer and Lacey didn’t say much more until I was out on yard duty and they came rushing out to me.

‘Mrs Minge, we could make meatballs and write prayers on them and hang them up with our clouds.’
‘Why not?’ I responded and sent them off to make a plan and a template.

Our ‘meatball’ prayer ideas were suggested by the two girls.

M for Mistakes
E for Endangered Animals
A for Anything
T for Thank You
B for Barossa
A for Anything
L for Life
L for Loved Ones
S for Seasons

I hope through these times of worship in the classroom the students are learning that ‘faith time’ can be enjoyable and involve them in being creative and having fun.

God wants us to enjoy the time we spend with Him just as you want your child to enjoy the time they spend with you.

May your faith time be fun as you share your life with God.

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