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Year 12 Creative Arts students share their reflections on being part of the production 'Ashputtel'

Earlier this term, the diverse talents of our Year 12 Creative Arts students came together for a special production of Grimm Brothers’ Ashputtel. From costume, set design, music and lighting the half hour production has been embraced by our students and was a whirlwind of energy, song and dance.

Since early Term 2, the Year 12 Creative Arts class has been working on an elaborate production of Ashputtel, the Grimm Brothers version of Cinderella. We have spent our class lessons focussing on memorising lines, developing our characters and working on polishing blocking amongst a professional on-stage environment. My character was the Elder Sister, who desperately wants to marry the Prince, and despises stepsister Ashputtel. I focussed developing my character with mannerisms, a specific walk, and a voice, and spent much of my class time working on keeping this all consistent. Along with this, I was in charge of music across the whole production. This involved finding songs such as the ball piece, writing the vocal line for Ashputtel’s solo, and writing and recording the dove “rookity-coo” song. Overall, this production has given me the chance to refine my acting skills, use my music knowledge, and become closer with the talented individuals in my drama class.’ Ellie

Year 12 Creative Arts has given me the opportunity to immerse myself into a professionally run show where I was granted the privilege to create the costumes worn by the actors involved. The main character Ashputtel is imprisoned in her family home where she is forced to cook and clean, however, her life turns upside down when her ugly stepsisters are invited to the Princes’ ball. This presented me with an opportunity to create a transformation dress, a design I have never tackled
before. After weeks of refining my concepts, the dress was made out of a beautiful curtain that I found. The transformation gown worn by Ashputtel was an unexpected surprise to all of the audience members.’ Lucy

Over the past few months, I worked on improving my theatrical makeup skills. I created face charts for each of the characters that would help individualise them, making them unique to one another. It was also my job to design the hairstyles for all of the characters. I used the hair and makeup to make the stepsisters and stepmother look over dramatically doll-like which helped create the effect of Ashputtel being naturally beautiful.’ Theresa

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