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Year 7 Camp reflection by Jade...

This term, we have been inquiring into the Australian federal system of governance and the history behind it during individuals and societies. Prior to the trip to Canberra, we did a mini inquiry task about any of the topics listed by the teacher relating to the Australian Government. We could choose any topic that we were interested in and then we had the next 4 weeks to complete a presentation about that topic. The topics varied from how the Australian Government works today to how it was established in 1901 during federation. After we had completed our presentation, we presented it to the other classes. Then we were set to go to Canberra with the new knowledge that we had gained.

On Sunday the 17th at 2:30 pm, all the Year 7s met at the Adelaide Airport ready for our flight to Canberra. We arrived late in the afternoon and then drove to our campsite, Camp Cottermouth. Camp Cottermouth was a lovely campsite with a scout centre for breakfast and dinner and a meeting area in the middle. It was also in a lovely bush area with beautiful wildlife and plants.

On Monday we visited The National Electoral Education Centre located at old parliament house, The CSIRO Discovery Centre, The Australian War Memorial and The Embassy Drive which were all very educational and interesting.

Tuesday, we visited Government house, The High Court of Australia, The Museum of Democracy and the Royal Australian Mint as well as the Botanical Gardens.

Wednesday, we visited the Canberra Deep Space Communication Centre, The Australian Institute of Sport and The National Museum. And finally, on Thursday we visited Questacon, Parliament House and the Canberra Zoo before returning to the Canberra Airport for our flight home.

The days at Canberra were packed full of exciting and very educational experiences and even some days had night excursions. Every day we woke up at 6:30am and went to bed at 9:30pm.
One of the highlights of the camp was the delicious foods that Camp Cottermouth provided us with. Every single breakfast and dinner we had amazing meals. We had delicious meat, vegetables, bread, pancakes, potatoes, fruit and more all thanks to their great staff. And the desserts were also very popular as we had either jelly and ice-cream or chocolate mousse with wafers every night.

Questacon, The Australian War Memorial, The Royal Australian Mint, The Australian Institute of Sport and The Canberra Zoo were some favourites among all the places that we visited as well as chilling back at the Camp during free time.

Canberra camp was such an enjoyable experience for everybody who came along, with all the fun and exciting places that we visited as well as the interesting learning experiences relating to our topic in individuals and societies, Australian Parliament.

Everybody had a Great time and it was an amazing trip to Canberra.

Thank you to everybody who made this Canberra Trip happen, it was an amazing experience. Jade

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