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Join our parents and friends group and be surrounded by a passionate team of school supporters.


Faith Lutheran College

Connecting our Community

Each year our Parents and Friends Committee organises a range of activities for families of the school and the wider community. The team of staff, parents and friends are a welcoming, dynamic group that is passionate about the wellbeing of the school and supporting the wider community.

The Committee…

  • Is an integral part of our Christian school community;
  • Exists for the benefit of the school and its community;
  • Consists of parents, school & board representatives and supporters of the school;
  • Does not limit its scope to fundraising, but is involved in the total life of the school and in building a sense of community within the school;
  • Provides opportunities for parents to meet.

A number of events are organised each year ranging from major fundraising events to regular fellowship events designed to develop and maintain the wonderful community.

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