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Learning Outside the Classroom

The camp program at Faith Lutheran College is designed to give students a wide variety of experiences throughout their school journey.

Explore our world

Learning outside of the classroom may involve excursions to locations close to the College or across regional South Australia. Interstate and international experiences are also available to students in the Middle and Senior years.

A wide range of skills are developed throughout the camp program, including social skills, communication, problem solving, independence, decision making, teamwork, initiative, understanding of environmental issues, general, local and historic knowledge, as well as a wide range of physical and practical skills.

From quiet reflection on Year 10 Retreat in the middle of nature, to the excitement of river activities on Year 9 camp, and the bright ski slopes of Victoria, students often remember these special experiences well beyond their school years.

Explore our world!

Each year students have the opportunity to join a short study tour to gain a deeper insight into the culture, customs and language of our sister school communities in Japan and Germany.

Faith Lutheran College’s exchange program provides further opportunity for students to gain global experience and insight, as well as forming life-long connections. Through our international connections, exchanges are available to Japan, Germany and the US.

There are often additional opportunities for students to explore and experience life outside Australia through service learning programs. In recent years students have visited countries such as the Philippines, Cambodia and Indonesia to work with communities on key projects and service activities such as building houses and schools.