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A Dynamic Community

There is always something happening at our College.

Green... Caring... Community... Excellence

Four words that are often used to describe life at Faith Lutheran College.

Step onto the grounds at either of our campuses, and you will instantly be surrounded by green. The rolling hills and vines in the background, manicured ovals and lawns, and a colourful array of trees and hedges that were planted by students in the early years. Yes, Faith is often synonymous with green – and at Faith we feel blessed to be surrounded by the vibrant greens of nature (you might notice it in our uniform too!).

Walk through the corridors and tree-lined courtyards, and you will sense the caring nature of our staff and students. At Faith it’s no secret that our staff take pride in developing young adults who care for others, care for the world around them, and care for themselves. We place a strong emphasis on the social, emotional and psychological wellbeing of our students – it’s ingrained in our culture – students come first.

It’s a welcoming place here at Faith. A supportive school community that nurtures and inspires, preparing students for the world beyond. We provide the opportunity to connect, to share and to be part of a vibrant, caring environment.

At Faith, our students have a tradition of reaching excellence. We believe it’s more than excellence in a test or exam, it’s reaching for new heights, striving for personal excellence and reaching goals with self-confidence and dedication. After all, it’s our mission to – provide a caring and dynamic learning community dedicated to the promotion of resilience, talents and attributes of every individual in their quest for personal excellence.

Daily life at our Faith Campus starts at 8.40am with Village Care Group. Chapel is held twice a week and year levels meet regularly in the mornings. The day is structured into 6 lessons, with a recess and lunch break. Year 7 students have a slightly altered timetable that includes learning in their core classroom, as well as a number of exciting electives and specialist subjects held across the Campus.

Regular activities are planned by student groups such as the Student Council. Extra-Curricular activities often take place during lunch, or after school, ranging from student conversation groups to cattle club and music ensembles.

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