Are students allowed to install software on the laptop?

Yes, students are allowed to install software on their laptop. However, it must remain primarily a learning device and any programs that are installed must not interfere with the software installed by the College or any security mechanisms in place on the laptop. Whilst the installation of games is not explicitly banned, it is not encouraged and if they are present, they must not be played while at the College – with no exceptions.

If there are any issues or problems with the laptop, it must be brought immediately to the ICT centre. At this point, ICT staff will assess the laptop and determine if the fault is related to any software installed by the student. If so, they will instruct students to ensure all school work is saved in their OneDrive folder where it is backed up to the ‘cloud’. Once all important files are backed up, the laptop will be ‘wiped’ and reset back to its initial state to restore it to its full capabilities.

While there are strict expectations with regard to student use of the laptop, with parents, students and teachers sharing responsibility for the device’s usage and care, we are committed to building a highly effective program accessing the very best in learning technology.